Friday, February 8, 2019

Trump's nightmare

Once upon a time there was a story – in fact there is, with a child protagonist.
You can call him Trump.
He is Joshua but he has the same last name of the other one, who is currently talking.
Donald Trump is the other one, and he tells a story: once upon a time, therefore, the story of a wall.
A wall the he wants to be built to divide two peoples who are the same one and separate as many lands that are the same planet, where both are observed from the right distance.
From up there in the sky, and down here, or in there, in the most sane part of our heart.
As a result, there was once, indeed there is, a child named Trump, Joshua Trump who is listening to the story of Trump's wall, the other, the big one, but he falls asleep and dreams: once upon a time, therefore, there was the dream of a child who is also called Trump, but he is Joshua, not Donald.

He dreams of a madman with a disquieting orange face and a head surmounted by a grotesque hairpiece, which claims to be taken seriously talking about spending billions of dollars to build a wall, to divide two peoples that are the same and separate nations that are made of the same earth, when you look at it from the right distance.
I mean up there, with the eyes of the wise stars, or here in the heart of a story that a child would also understand.
In fact, there was once a man called Trump, but named Donald, who, like a child caught in a horrible nightmare, instead of waking up he wants to trap us with his tremendous delirium of fear and loneliness.
Once upon a time there was the story of both, which will end only when Trump, the one named Joshua, will open his eyes and say: "Calm down, there’s nothing true about what you have heard."
It was just a bad dream...

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Friday, December 14, 2018

Let's get married

Let's get married.
Come on, let's love each other.
Hurry up.
Let’s not waste time on preambles, however holy they might be.
Leave out ornaments and festoons.
Let’s not dwell beyond the minimum allowed in the choice of the dress.
Of the place.
Of what might happen later.
And what immediately before...

Priscilla Cicconi and Bianca Gama were forced to marry in a hurry in Brazil before the rise to power of the far-right leader Bolsonaro
Let's accelerate the marvelous day.
That would deserve all the time in the world.
But we do not have it.
No longer, in the land of impossible colors and spontaneous diversity.
Say just yes, my beloved one.
Even a favorable whisper will be enough.
Before the day ends.
Before the night begins.
Of disturbing governments and evil leaders...

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Friday, December 7, 2018

Why I do what I do

Joseph Jackson was held in a prison in Maine for two decades.
He now coordinates the Maine Prisoner Advocacy Coalition (MPAC), a grassroots organization that interacts with the state correction department on behalf of inmates and their families. When asked why he is so passionate about transforming the system that held him captive, Joseph always responds in the same way: I can not go away and leave the people I was with for 20 years in a state of perpetual fear and endless torture.

He does this work thanks to years of study that allowed him to make sense of the unfathomable world that he have lived. It is a world where the abuse is implacable. Liberal studies have helped him to see that time in there is not the only punishment imposed on convicted criminals. The predominant cultural belief which we are all subjected to is that once you make a mistake, you have to pay it forever. Therefore every sentence lasts a lifetime. Our unexpressed reality is that the majority of those we imprisoned are socially destroyed. They often lose everything: their homes, their belongings, their jobs, their partners, the support of their families.

We need to fix our damaged system, added Joseph, we must return to the progressive policies of the past.

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Friday, November 30, 2018

We trusted this country

We trusted this country more than we should have done.
These are the words of those who remain.
Who cries the memory and above all the tragic and very premature end of Sabika Sheikh, who died when she was only 17 years old.
That is, one of the victims of the massacre carried out last May at a school in Santa Fe, Texas.
We trusted this country, seems to repeat the heartfelt lamentation of the young girl's relatives.
About what you can see from afar and you can dream every day closer.

An ideal place to send one's best promise to grow and realize itself.
Sabika was in the US for a cultural exchange.
One of the most fascinating and virtuous reasons to travel and meet each other.
To share at the same time traditions and feelings, emotions and horizons.
Discovering every moment that passes that these are not so different, despite what the geography, its borders and especially their dull defenders might tell you.
On the contrary, in the beginning of her life, Sabika has known the most terrible of cultures.
The gun violence.
In other words, what the cowards and the fools trust...

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Thursday, November 22, 2018

Italian contradictions

Once upon a time a four years old boy.
Well, there was his father with him too.
So, an accomplice, how we used to say.
Once upon a time, then, a country with a yellow-green government, according to the parties official colors.
On one hand, yellow for the embarrassment about the shameful alliance and, on the other, green for rage, but regardless, depending on the random, useful enemy.
Once upon a time a nation built on illegality, on the lack of respect for the environment and its natural rules, not to mention the civil protection of citizens.
Anyway, it is all about bad weather, right?
Nonetheless, there was once a child, it was said.
A creature of only four years of life.
An innocent human being until proven guilty, in the guise of a crime worthy of severe and exemplary punishment.
He dared to go on the sacred soil of Venice, in the illustrious St Mark's Square, with a tiny electric scooter.
Juts a toy, okay, but still an unforgivable affront.
Sixty-six euros and eighty-eight cents (76,24 $), the well-deserved fine for the little one finished on the road to perdition.
Once upon a time a paradoxical farce called the Republic founded on contradictions.
Where the State is raging against the weak ones, closing eyes and conscience before the true delinquents and cheaters safe from high water...

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Thursday, November 8, 2018

When memory fights back

Once upon a time the first people’s hero of Yugoslavia.
Of people and nations now former, at least on paper.
Which should be written, on the following pages, never revised.
Once upon a time Rade Končar, the partisan Rade, the young Končar.
The man who, after spending adolescence and dreams in the name of an ideal of freedom and rights for all, became a symbol, a chapter of history and, therefore, a statue.
To eternal and solemn admonition of the heirs of such a duty against the nostalgia of legalized hatred.
A commitment which should not retreat even a single centimeter, let alone lowering head and guard.
Once upon a time, today, a sixty-five years old man
A fool, perhaps, a sign, maybe.
Further proof of the urgency of resistance to the bitter end.
A wretch soul who followed his own delirium and kicked the noble testimony of the dark past.
Well, according to the last news from Split the statue itself fought back and collapsed on the guy, breaking his leg.
Because memory, when it wants to, can defend itself.
But it needs, more than ever in these times, every possible help...

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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Denounce enemy teachers

The far-right party Alternative for Germany started a disturbing initiative.
German students are encouraged to report teachers who express political opinions through the Neutral Schools online portal, a pilot project in Hamburg, with plans to develop the program across the country.
Students can send anonymous complaints on the site about teachers who, in their opinion, are breaking the rules of neutrality by criticizing the party.
As to say...
Because the party can not be criticized.
Because the party is the party of the people and the people are always right.
Because whoever dares to criticize the people's party is against the State and the people themselves.
Because who is against the people themselves, is against the State and the party of the people.
This is why whoever is against the party of the people is not only an enemy of the party, but also yours, of everyone.
Because those who are enemies of all must be reported.
Also anonymously.
Above all anonymous, perhaps with a nice, meaningless nickname.
But indicating the name and last name of the enemy.
Possibly address and other sensitive data too.
So that the enemies of the people’s party will be caught and removed.
Doesn’t it remind you of something?

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Thursday, October 4, 2018

Once upon a time there were animals

Once upon a time there were animals.
Once upon a time there were a shark, an elephant and a rhinoceros.
Once upon a time... and then, how did it go on?
Yes, long ago, in a faraway land there were sharks.
Can you remember, the sharks?
Every year, 100 million.
270 every day.
More than 10 per hour today are killed, mainly for the fins.
And what about elephants? Can you remember them?
From January to December in 20 thousand.
Almost 1700 a month.
One every 25 minutes, at this moment, are being slaughtered for ivory.
The rhinoceros? Do you remember those wonderful creatures?
More than 1000 every year in South Africa alone.
Almost 3 per day are drowned, now.
The same happens to many other species and measuring the horrible extermination in human terms it is as if from 1970 we had lost the entire population of Asia.
Once upon a time, there were a shark, an elephant and a rhinoceros.
A long time ago, in a faraway land.
There were…

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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Harper Nielsen detention is an honor

Once a time the place to be.
When everybody shout and chat about crazy silliness and lies.
Even if they had to hide their guilt under a popular song.
As a national anthem might be.
Once upon a time those who in the past took the right side of the road.
When all was going on the safe requested path.
Even if they walked on the life and the future of their victims.
As the memory loss of many colonialist governments.
Once upon a time the brave people who still make that choice.
When poor minded politicians and afraid school teachers try to defend their blame using their power.
Even if they did all they can.
As many of their kind did before.
Once upon a time the nine years old Harper Nielsen, who refused to stand up and sing the national words, protesting in the name of Indigenous people and paid the consequences of her decision.
Thank you for your example, young noble girl.

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Friday, July 13, 2018

Lalu Muhammad Zohri story: the champion without shoes

Once upon a time a dreamer.
A boy who could scarcely imagine to buy a pair of running shoes.
A creature whose soul was going so fast to overcome all.
Body’s and hard reality’s limits.
Once upon a time a champion.
The winner of men’s 100m race at the IAAF world under-20 championships at Tampere in Finland.
Once upon a time just an eighteen years old life.
The first Indonesian to win a medal at those tournaments.
But not the very first one to hope for that.
I'm not referring to the podium.
Or the cameras flashes.
Not even the brilliant gold.
Instead, once upon a time a whole world of people who just deserve a chance to run.
And show talents and value.
Be patient, my friend, and lots of them will arrive on the track...

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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Thailand cave boys world cup final match

Once upon a time there was a world championship.
Another one…
Where you gets lose, it's viral news, never a good read, let alone to watch.
At the same time, when you survive the final whistle, there will be no autographs on the shirt and photos with dedication.
Nonetheless, this does not mean that you will not cry out of joy, with the cup called life tightly held in your hands.
On the screen, or in the cave, the final is now staged.
In its dramatically stretched extra time.
Because the fate of our planet is a cruel referee and it seems almost to taste in finding every pretext to postpone the road to the blessed shower, where to wash away the bruises of difficult living.
Meanwhile, down there, in the dark, they fight against the usual enemy.
So, run, watch hands, be magnanimous, for once.
Burn away the hours as if they were minutes disguised as seconds.
Since twelve kids, along with their brave trainer, still deserve a lot to play...

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