Friday, November 30, 2018

We trusted this country

We trusted this country more than we should have done.
These are the words of those who remain.
Who cries the memory and above all the tragic and very premature end of Sabika Sheikh, who died when she was only 17 years old.
That is, one of the victims of the massacre carried out last May at a school in Santa Fe, Texas.
We trusted this country, seems to repeat the heartfelt lamentation of the young girl's relatives.
About what you can see from afar and you can dream every day closer.

An ideal place to send one's best promise to grow and realize itself.
Sabika was in the US for a cultural exchange.
One of the most fascinating and virtuous reasons to travel and meet each other.
To share at the same time traditions and feelings, emotions and horizons.
Discovering every moment that passes that these are not so different, despite what the geography, its borders and especially their dull defenders might tell you.
On the contrary, in the beginning of her life, Sabika has known the most terrible of cultures.
The gun violence.
In other words, what the cowards and the fools trust...

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