Thursday, November 22, 2018

Italian contradictions

Once upon a time a four years old boy.
Well, there was his father with him too.
So, an accomplice, how we used to say.
Once upon a time, then, a country with a yellow-green government, according to the parties official colors.
On one hand, yellow for the embarrassment about the shameful alliance and, on the other, green for rage, but regardless, depending on the random, useful enemy.
Once upon a time a nation built on illegality, on the lack of respect for the environment and its natural rules, not to mention the civil protection of citizens.
Anyway, it is all about bad weather, right?
Nonetheless, there was once a child, it was said.
A creature of only four years of life.
An innocent human being until proven guilty, in the guise of a crime worthy of severe and exemplary punishment.
He dared to go on the sacred soil of Venice, in the illustrious St Mark's Square, with a tiny electric scooter.
Juts a toy, okay, but still an unforgivable affront.
Sixty-six euros and eighty-eight cents (76,24 $), the well-deserved fine for the little one finished on the road to perdition.
Once upon a time a paradoxical farce called the Republic founded on contradictions.
Where the State is raging against the weak ones, closing eyes and conscience before the true delinquents and cheaters safe from high water...

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