Thursday, October 11, 2018

Denounce enemy teachers

The far-right party Alternative for Germany started a disturbing initiative.
German students are encouraged to report teachers who express political opinions through the Neutral Schools online portal, a pilot project in Hamburg, with plans to develop the program across the country.
Students can send anonymous complaints on the site about teachers who, in their opinion, are breaking the rules of neutrality by criticizing the party.
As to say...
Because the party can not be criticized.
Because the party is the party of the people and the people are always right.
Because whoever dares to criticize the people's party is against the State and the people themselves.
Because who is against the people themselves, is against the State and the party of the people.
This is why whoever is against the party of the people is not only an enemy of the party, but also yours, of everyone.
Because those who are enemies of all must be reported.
Also anonymously.
Above all anonymous, perhaps with a nice, meaningless nickname.
But indicating the name and last name of the enemy.
Possibly address and other sensitive data too.
So that the enemies of the people’s party will be caught and removed.
Doesn’t it remind you of something?

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