Thursday, September 13, 2018

Harper Nielsen detention is an honor

Once a time the place to be.
When everybody shout and chat about crazy silliness and lies.
Even if they had to hide their guilt under a popular song.
As a national anthem might be.
Once upon a time those who in the past took the right side of the road.
When all was going on the safe requested path.
Even if they walked on the life and the future of their victims.
As the memory loss of many colonialist governments.
Once upon a time the brave people who still make that choice.
When poor minded politicians and afraid school teachers try to defend their blame using their power.
Even if they did all they can.
As many of their kind did before.
Once upon a time the nine years old Harper Nielsen, who refused to stand up and sing the national words, protesting in the name of Indigenous people and paid the consequences of her decision.
Thank you for your example, young noble girl.

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